4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Product Merchandising

Implementing the right product merchandising plan in vending machines is critical for the success of your vending business. How can you successfully go about creating the right plan?

Here we have 4 ways to get more out of your product merchandising initiatives:


  • Stock What Sells


The key to making products move is to stock the items that your customers most often want. The product mix should lean more towards what is selling, with a smaller margin of new or seasonal products. Analyze the trends of what consumers are purchasing, maybe it means more health-minded products, or fresher products, etc. Stay up to date with trends.


  • Eliminate Slow Movers


Slow movers, or bottom-SKUs, are products that just don’t sell, and for one reason or another, you keep filling your vending machine with them. Stay abreast with what your customer needs are, keep in mind seasons, and use general common sense when ordering products for your vending business. Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.


  • Stay Tuned to Location Trends


Have you noticed that each state, each country, and even each region has their own preferences? What people in one state like/need can be different than what people in another state like/need. Keeping a close eye on these trends based off of geographic information can help push your merchandise easier.


  • Use a Calendar


It may seem simple, and you are probably already doing it, but are you using it correctly for your vending business? We mean a calendar that is specifically dedicated to your vending machines, for service repairs, routes, and tracking trends. Keep a separate calendar for each group of machines to make your product merchandising efforts more seamless.

We’d love to hear what system works for you, contact us to share your story of what works for your vending business!

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