5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Branded Vending Machines

5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Branded Vending Machines - USelectit

Custom branded vending machines are becoming a common sight these days. Several stakeholders in the vending environment want a share of the walls of the machine to flaunt their brand. Product owners whose products are sold through the machine brand the machines to promote their products. Location owners brand the machines with their graphics to create a sense of affiliation and cool factor for customers and visitors. The walls of the vending machine in a prime location can also attract interest from other advertisers. All this interest in this prominent piece of advertising real estate makes investing in custom branded vending machines a good option. Some of the benefits that make investing in branded machines a good decision are discussed below.

Visibility – A key influencer of impulse purchases

The key to facilitating impulse purchases is visibility. Consumers tend to accelerate their decision-making process in favor of branded displays rather than white-label ones. That is why even simple cardboard display racks are always branded – no exceptions. Similarly, a branded vending machine with excellent graphics on its walls tends to gain better visibility than those with a factory finish. This helps customers make a faster buying decision.

Stand out from the competition

In a row of vending machines, branded ones always get better engagement. This is not just because of the cool factor. Branded machines create a recall about the attributes of the brand. It helps reinforce the perception that the machine is professionally managed. It is more than a simple last-mile POS transaction device. Such machines become the flag bearers of the brand. This commands better engagement from customers compared to an unbranded machine.

Flaunting the brand (economically)

We discussed how the brand helps the machine win more customers and transactions, but the machine helps promote the brand too. Vending machines are often placed in locations where foot traffic is high. The walls of a vending machine attract the attention of consumers. Unlike a billboard with less control over who will see the brand, a vending machine has access to a relatively more targeted audience. A vending machine at a school has a different set of audience than a vending machine in the lobby of a gym. This gives an excellent opportunity for the brand owner to communicate with the right kind of audience.

The cost of branding the vending machine makes it an even more attractive option compared to billboards and other Out-of-Home media. With a better focus on the target demography at a lesser cost, what more can a brand owner ask for in an opportunity to promote their brand?

Win over competition for the location

A vending machine that shouts the salon’s brand is more valuable and attractive for the salon owner than one that does not. Location owners see this as an opportunity to reinforce their brand in the minds of their visitors. Suddenly, they begin to see more value from the partnership than just the location fee for the machine. It can not only help you beat the competition with the right approach, but it can also help you negotiate a good deal, should a location fee exist.

Increased transactions

We already saw how branded vending machines can help consumers make faster buying decisions, gain better visibility than the competition and win a sought-after location. These benefits translate to an increase in the number of transactions from your machine. Increased transactions translate to increased revenue and eventually improved profitability or better returns on investment. They help the machine operator run a rewarding vending business. This is the ultimate benefit of branded vending machines.

Vending machines that carry brand graphics are more than just eye-pleasing. They create business and economic value for the different stakeholders in the vending environment. Location owners can improve the experience of their visitors and consumers. Product owners can use the machines to promote their brand. Vending machine owners can make their business more profitable and successful.

At U-Select-It, we help our customers design the right look for their machines. We can work with your designer or provide our support in developing the custom wrap for your vending machines. Our online configurator can help you get started with the graphics for your next machine. You could also talk to us at 1-800-247-8709 to get expert help.



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