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U-Select-It. A Wittern Group Company
Committed to our employees, our customers, our community, and environment.

U-Select-It, a Wittern Group Company, is committed to being socially responsible and contributing positively to our employees, our customers, our community, and to the environment.

U-Select-It a leader in providing innovative and versatile solutions to the vending industry.

Our products include a wide range of full-line vending merchandisers that are right-sized for our customers.

Every USI product is engineered for ease of maintenance, high reliability and incorporates over three quarters of a century worth of industry experience.


8040 University Blvd.
Des Moines, IA 50325

Diversity and Inclusion
USI believes in being a diverse equal opportunity employer with over 15% of its work force of ethnic decent and 22% minority employee partners.

Community Support
USI and the Wittern Group are committed supporters of our community and contribute on multiple levels in financial and advisory capacities including the United Way, Community Foundation, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Junior Achievement, March of Dimes and many other foundations and trusts including the NAMA Foundation.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility
USI takes a proactive approach to our environmental responsibilities that shows in many corporate, design and production processes and initiatives.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs-
USI incorporates common sense recycling programs for its facilities including paper, aluminum, steel, plastic bottles and other recyclables.

Energy Reduction
In moving toward a more energy efficient facility, U-Select-It has implemented programs to transitioning to lower energy office and production equipment. PC’s, copy and print systems are changing over to high efficiency models and all computer monitors upgraded to lower energy consuming LCD models. Facility lighting is moving to higher efficiency lamps.

Green Commitment to Our Customers
USI products incorporate design features that take advantage of the latest production and component technologies in order to minimize environmental impact and increase product value.

Green Purchasing Policies
USI is committed to conducting our business in a way that least impacts the environment. We’re always looking for new and different ways to meet that commitment. We are proud to have supplier partners as interested in helping the environment as we are and work with them developing RoHS programs to restrict the use of certain hazardous materials including lead, cadmium and mercury.

Energy Efficient Designs
USI products are engineered to make use of the latest in electrical, lighting, refrigeration and communication technology making our products the most energy efficient and highest value products on the market. Products include energy saving features such as long life LED lighting; onboard power management controls enabling timed shut down of lighting and refrigeration; and fuel saving remote telemetry options for monitoring of inventory and service needs.

Green Painting Processes
Our state-of-the-art electrostatic paint system incorporates a multi-stage pre-wash process that recycles the water for multiple uses as well as electronically controlled spray system precisely controlling the amount of paint used on parts. The paint is applied in environmentally controlled booths that are 99.9% efficient in reclaiming unused paint and recycling it with new paint for coating of follow on parts.

Environmentally Friendly Foaming Process
New refrigerated & frozen models use ecomate« blowing agent featuring zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and zero GWP (Global Warming Potential). It also is VOC exempt, meaning it does not contribute to smog.

Dedicated Refurbishing Center
USI is committed to sustainability and is able to efficiently and cost effectively extend the useful working life of vending equipment. We also provide a seamless solution to collection, recycling, treatment and disposal of end of life vending machines.
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