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USelectIt Cigarette Vending Machine

M2000 Tobacco Vending Machine
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Summit 300 Satellite

Can/Bottle Vendor Ready
Connect a USI can/bottle
satellite and satisfy beverage demands.

We offer premium Mercato cigarette vending machines. Our large selection of cigarette vending machines for sale will offer your consumers the easy and fast ability to purchase cigarettes on their own. These machines come in a variety of sizes and don't only dispense cigarettesŚthey can also dispense other smoking accessories such as lighters. Increase the functionality of your cigarette vending machine by getting a can and bottle cold drink add-on to quench your customersĺ thirst.

Cigarette Vending on Demand with Mercato 2000 | Vending Machines for Sale

The Mercato 2000 by USelectIt is a glass-fronted premium cigarette vending machine that can hold up to 270 packs of cigarettes as well as a selection of other smoking items. With a bright LED display, braille support and credit, debit, coin and cash payment options, these versatile cigarette machines are easy to use and take up a small amount of space. The Mercato 2000 is an 18-selection cigarette vending machine that includes advanced accounting and service options such as time of day discounting, talker device support, programmable coupons and more. The width of a Mercato 2000 is only 21 inches, also allowing you to capitalize on your space as a vendor.

Cigarette and Drink Vending Machines by USelectIt

The Tobacco Center adds even more versatility to USelectItĺs Mercato 2000 by adding a can and bottle satellite to the Mercato 2000 cigarette vending machine. With the can and bottle addition, you can easily sell the products that your consumers need in a single compact, temperature controlled-device. The Summit 300 satellite can/bottle vending machine is a small profile six-option satellite vending machine that works perfectly in tandem with the Mercato 2000. The Mercato 2000 cigarette vending machine is an attractive and convenient cigarette dispensing solution. The all-steel construction of this vending machine ensures that it will last a long time to come while the full featured controller provides premium accounting solutions. This machine comes with a 2-year warranty from USI, a leading vending machine manufacturer.
Simple yet full featured interfaces
Bright LED display
Large keypad with Braille identification
MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit and credit systems
DEX data output support
Flexible space to selection setting
Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and controlled vend times
Programmable coupon and token values
Programmable point of sale messages
Talker device support for sight impaired
Selections18 Items
270 packs
OptionsLED Lighting, 4ö Legs, Custom Graphics, custom Colors
Height72" (183 cm)
Width21" (53.3 cm)
Depth33 1/2" (85 cm)
350 lbs. (158.8 kg)
Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 Amps International: (230 VAC/50Hz, 0.6 Amps)
In order to bring you the best products possible we continue to improve product design and performance and as such specifications are subject to change without notice.
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