A Vending Machine During Heat Waves

soda vending machineToday we’d like to take the time to highlight some very cool vending machine technology, literally and figuratively speaking. We’re always looking for ways to improve user experience and to stay ahead of the game in the vending world. The US has been having quite a few bouts of heat waves recently and the same goes for other parts of the world. In Spain only, there is a Minute Maid lemonade vending machine that drops their prices as the temperature rises.

18 of the smart drink vending machines are floating around water parks and other summer attractions until September. The machine displays the current temperature and price. At 77 degrees the price point is $2.44. From 78-84 degrees the price drops to $1.71 and on the steamiest of days, lemonade is only $1.22 above 86 degrees. A pretty awesome idea if you ask us. Everyone should be able to afford a refreshing drink on a hot day. When the temps rise, so does the risk of heat stroke.

Stay hydrated this summer with drinks from vending machines, whether you happen to be in Spain or traversing the States. Remember to choose water over soda because soda will actually further dehydrate you. Browse our intuitive selection of vending solutions that use the latest technology and are Eco-friendly.