A Vending Machine for Your Thoughts?

Those who have eaten their fill from one of Uselectit’s snack vending machines may still desire to use one of these wonderful machines for something different. Those eager to find something to read on their evening commute home from work should consider taking a trip to Fullerton, CA. The Fullerton Public Library recently installed a $35,000 vending machine that deals entirely in books at the SOCO West Parking Structure, near the Fullerton Train Station.

The machine, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, carries over 500 titles. These books can be taken out at no cost to the user, with only an active Fullerton Public Library Card library card. The machine has a drop box at the bottom so you may return books, but will not be dispensing any to you if you have a balance of over $5 in late fees on your card. The library plans to monitor the machine to see which titles are taken out most so they can restock accordingly. Hopefully the machine isn’t located too close to any soda vending machines—we wouldn’t want to spill any on one of the books!

Although Uselectit deals almost exclusively in soda and snack vending machines, we appreciate this creative and innovative use of the technology, and wish those testing out its success the best of luck.