A Whiskey Vending Machine

vending machines for saleWho says you need a bartender to serve you fine whiskey? You’re self-sufficient! The Vinatta Project in New York City is looking to change the way you hang out at a swanky bar. Opening this week, the Vinatta Project offers an entire wall of Enomatic machines filled with your favorite alcohol. And by the way, Enomatic is just a pretentious way of saying vending machine. Head to the bar where you will receive a prepaid key card and a glass. Then you’re all ready to order a glass of red wine, Johnnie Walker Blue, or whatever tickles your fancy that evening.

Sit on fancy leather, order red snapper tacos, and sip on a cocktail at your leisure. It’s a great idea for people who have no social skills or just don’t feel like leaving a tip for the waitress. Only in New York people. Only in New York. But what did you expect from a bar located in the Meatpacking District? It has to be cutting edge!

These crazy vending machines for sale never cease to amaze me. Soon we won’t need people to prepare and serve us food. At this rate, everything will be found in snack vending machines!