A Worldwide Network of Distributors

From the United States to New Zealand, from Brazil to the United Kingdom, U-Select-It has a wide array of distributors. Our extensive distribution network allows us to reach every corner of the world in order to provide our customers with the vending equipment they need to grow their business and achieve maximum ROI.

In addition to helping you achieve maximum ROI for your vending equipment, our vending distributors will help you understand your vending machine and provide you with technical support if it is needed for your vending machine. 

Whether you are interested in an Evoke Snack 6 Vending Machine, an Evoke VT5 Machine or even a Geneva Coffee Machine, USI distributors will be able to set you up with the machine you need to expand your vending business. Additionally, our distributors will help you understand the potential your vending business can reach with a number of features and options. For example, adding UVend Technology on vending equipment can provide a safer vending experience for your customers by killing or inactivating up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Locate a distributor nearest you today by clicking here. Our distributors are ready to help you expand your vending business with the latest in vending technology and vending features.

For more information regarding vending distributors from U-Select-It, give us a call at 1-800-247-8709.