Bagels In Snack Vending Machines

Why aren’t bagels in snack vending machines?

A mind blowing proposition to be sure. Imagine the picture though, fresh baked bagels loaded into a machine row by row. All the different types there’s an egg bagel, and a cinnamon raisin, there is an everything and a sour dough. This is a dream of mine. You see bagels are my favorite food. Not the healthiest option to be sure but then also not the least healthy.

If I eat a bagel mid day I can go the distance past 5 o’clock if need be, not that I’m looking to work for free. But if there was a snack vending machine regularly loaded with fresh delicious bagels, that would cut my lunch break down to next to nothing. It would save me the walk three blocks away to my bagel dealer of choice. Honestly I would probably find myself eating even more bagels were this to occur.

My idea of a bagel vending machine may seem strange now but you know what they sell in vending machines now? Cellphones. A bagel makes way more sense than a cellphone, am I wrong? I’m not, who doesn’t love bagels? Someone get on this project ASAP.