Book Vending Machines for Literary Geeks

vending machine manufacturerWhen you think about vending machines, everyone just assumes snacks and soda. Well, unless you live in Japan. Then you think about live lobsters, bicycles, and Raman noodles. Sometimes my brain is in the mood to digest some food for thought, pardon the extremely bad pun. If there is one type of vending machine there needs to be more of it’s book vending machines. These machines are actually quite popular around the globe.

What should be in the vending machine? A nice mix for everyone of course. You can have a few cheesy romance novels for the stay-at-home moms, literary classics for the hipsters, pop lit to satisfy mainstream society, a few random underrated narrators for the rest of us, and maybe some books about that specific city for tourists. Not only will this be great for book publishers, it will encourage people to read more!

How many times have you sat in a coffee shop waiting for your date to arrive with nothing to do? Instead of playing Angry Birds for the 100000th time, why not buy a new book to pass the time? We don’t have to diminish the sale of snack vending machines of course, but it’ll be a nice change for us book geeks.