Section 179 for Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies – Reduce Your Tax Bill

As we approach the year-end, this is the right time to think about whether you need to buy new equipment for your business. The Section 179 tax deduction can help make new machine purchases much more cost-effective.  The Section 179 tax deduction enables you to save thousands of dollars on

Why Smart Lockers Will be the Future of Meal Order Pick-Up?

    Online food ordering services have soared in popularity and seen an increase in demand due to the pandemic. Customers are looking for fast and efficient ways to order and receive their food. With this increase in demand for convenience and easy access to food, locker solutions are becoming

Vending machines accepting EBT cards are “The Future”

Food security is a global issue that is also affecting the United States. Food security refers to families always having physical and financial access to adequate food to fulfill their nutritional requirements and lead a physically active and healthy life. On the other hand, food insecurity is a household’s inability

Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

Langley Wholesale Ltd., based in Langley, British Columbia, sells and leases new and used vending machines to fulfill all vending requirements. Furthermore, Langley’s vendor operator customers do not want their equipment to break down frequently, which results in missed sales opportunities and costly repairs. “Customer experience is all that matters,”

Driving Revenue and Customer Experience With “Order Ahead”

The last thing employees want to do is stand in line and wait for food in the middle of their busy day. As a manager, it is the last thing you want as well, as the more time employees spend standing in line, the less time they spend being productive

5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Branded Vending Machines

Custom branded vending machines are becoming a common sight these days. Several stakeholders in the vending environment want a share of the walls of the machine to flaunt their brand. Product owners whose products are sold through the machine brand the machines to promote their products. Location owners brand the

COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine

  The newer variants of COVID-19 have forced colleges across the nation to take multiple steps. Many institutions are deferring semester start dates or mandating booster doses, and many are also returning to online classes. Because of the everchanging health concerns, college and universities have had to adapt new solutions

Protecting Your Vending Machine

A vending machine is a great way to make extra money at your place of business and provide safe, instant refreshments to your employees, customers, students, and visitors. Are you hesitant about taking risks? We are here to simplify the process! At U-Select-It,  we have a wide range of vending

The 2021 Section 179 Tax Deduction

Did you know that with the Section 179 Tax Deduction, you can deduct the full price of new vending equipment? This incentive for business owners expires at the end of 2021, so take full advantage today! Find out more about the benefits of this incentive and how it can help

Deliver Meals to Your Locations with Delivery Lockers

Provide streamlined, contactless food delivery and pick-up stations with our new Delivery Lockers We are excited to introduce  Delivery Lockers, powered by U-Select-It and 365 Retail Markets. Delivery Lockers provide streamlined, contactless food delivery and pick-up stations for the next generation of onsite delivery.  Our Delivery Lockers are available with

Provide a Safer Experience with UVend Technology

Keep your current vending locations satisfied and win new locations by providing safer vending with UVend Technology. U-Select-It’s patent-pending UVend Technology makes the high-touch surfaces of vending machines safer by quickly killing or inactivating some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). UVend

COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine

Across the United States, college students are itching to get back on campus and continue their in-person classes. The COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine from U-Select-It allows college administrators to monitor the spread of COVID-19 across campus. The COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine, as seen on 60 Minutes, offers a

What Are You Striving for in 2021?

After what seems like the longest year ever, 2021 is finally here. The beginning of the year signals a time in which to make goals for your 2021 vending business. At U-Select-It, we suggest focusing on what your customers crave both in snacks and technology. What does success look like

The 2020 Section 179 Tax Deduction

Did you know that with the Section 179 tax deduction you can deduct the full price of new vending equipment?  This great incentive for business owners expires at the end of 2020.  To find out more about how the Section 179 tax deduction works and how you can qualify, check

Financing Offer

The year 2020 has been an unexpected year, to say the least. There have been many highs, many lows and a lot of unknowns. Through it all, we are thankful to our customers who have trusted us to help grow their business. We pride ourselves in offering the lowest cost

The Rebate You Can’t Afford to Miss

Your customers crave light and delicious afternoon snacks in order to get them through the workday. U-Select-It has partnered with EverBar dark chocolate wafer bars to give your customers the snacks they crave. For a limited time, receive 144 EverBars (with a $215 vending value) FREE when you purchase an

Digital Tools from U-Select-It to help manage your business during COVID-19

During these uncertain times, we want to ensure customers that they are still top of mind at U-Select-It. While many adjustments have had to be made throughout our everyday lives, some things still remain the same, including the quality of customer service. While you may have found yourself on hold

Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine: Keeping Your Customers Safe

Customers crave safe and easy access to the products they need. This could be a snack from the Evoke Elevator or a beverage from the Summit 500. To help provide a safe experience for consumers, is proud to introduce the Sani-Center and Sani-Center Plus PPE Vending Machines.  The Sani-Center

U-Select-It Introduces the Sani-Center PPE Merchandiser

The Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine provides easy access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety supplies via a contactless payment experience We are pleased to introduce Sani-Center PPE Merchandiser. The Sani-Center PPE Merchandiser is specially designed to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies, and disinfecting supplies safely and easily