Changing Bottled Beverage Buying

USelectit is all about delivering vending machines with superior quality and that incorporate the latest technology such as LED lighting, energy-efficient cooling systems, and large storage capacities to reduce energy usage. A group of students in Boston also see the benefits of creating vending machines that utilize energy-saving technology and have taken a new approach.

The Boston Dorm Room Fund is a half-million-dollar fund that is managed by 11 local college students. Their first-ever investment was recently made in a new vending machine developed by Refresh Water Technologies, a startup formed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their new machine received an investment of $20,000 and utilizes collapsible plastic bottles that are stored in the machine without liquids in them. By storing the bottles like this and filling them as they are ordered with water and soda, similar to a soda fountain you would find at a convenience store, they are able to save energy in a variety of ways.

Their machine can store up to 1,000 collapsed bottles and the bottles do not need to be refrigerated. This cuts down in energy usage by the machine and also reduced the energy used to produce and deliver pre-filled bottles to traditional vending machines. It will be very interesting to see how this technology is incorporated into more vending machines for sale in the future.


Find out more about Refresh Water Technologies with this video: