Choose Variable Temperature for Your Snack and Soda Vending Machine

Soda Vending MachineJust think of all the items you want to stock in your food and drink vending machine. Soda, water, juice, yogurt, pretzels, chips, gum, candy… If you bought a separate vending machine for each type of product, that would waste a lot of space! (And money.) Instead, we recommend investing in a snack and soda vending machine with variable temperature control.

Variable temperature allows you to divide your vending machine into two separate categories, so you can keep certain items like candy and chips at room temperature, while refrigerating other products such as soda, yogurt, juice, and water at temperatures 20 degrees lower.

One of the best variable temperature control vending machines for sale is the Alpine VT3000. This machine features an adjustable barrier tray, so you can decide which products will be stored at cooler temperatures. The Alpine VT3000 also offers tons of great optional features, including LED lighting that uses 40% less energy than fluorescent models; high capacity can storage that can hold as many as 100 cans per tray; and heated glass for locations with high levels of humidity.