Combo Vending Machine Solutions for Operators Entering the Industry

Uselectit Vending Machine Product Guide 2014For individuals trying to break into the vending machine industry, deciding whether to invest in drink vending machines and/or snack vending machines often proves difficult.  Investing in two machines may not make financially sense for those just beginning. However, the combo vending machines from U-Select-It, a top vending machine manufacturer, offers exciting advantages. Capitalizing in a combo machine allows operators to offer both snacks and drinks to customers. In many cases, combo machines bring in higher profits, since customers often prefer to select both a drink and snack.

With a combo machine, it is possible to sell both snacks and drinks, since machines are designed with variable temperature control to ensure snacks and drinks are kept at the optimal temperature. At U-Select-It, we offer machines that boast cutting-edge vending technology, improving operator and customer experiences. For operators that appreciate the versatility of a combo vending machine, we have several possibilities available.

The Alpine VT5000

The Alpine VT5000 vending machine offers flexible indoor combination vending with two separate areas that have independent temperature controls. From dairy products to chocolate snacks, it is possible to come up with countless combinations of snacks and drinks. Helixes and snack trays are adjustable and versatile, allowing operators to customize machines to meet their unique vending needs.

The Alpine VT5000-Outdoor

The Alpine VT5000-Outdoor vending machine offers all the benefits of the VT5000, but is designed for outdoor vending. The quality design holds up well inclement weather conditions and has innovative features, such as LED lighting, making it simpler for customers to use. It is possible to include as many as 60 items in this combo machine, from satisfying snacks to cold juices and sodas.

The Alpine VT3000

For operators with limited space, the Alpine VT3000 vending machine is a smaller version of the Alpine VT5000, with a compact design that takes up minimal space while allowing for the sale of up to 36 items at once. This combo machine makes it feasible to sell drinks and snacks in a single machine, boasting independent temperature controlled areas to keep items at the optimum temperature.

As a top vending machine manufacturer, we ensure that each combo vending machine meets the strictest of standards, including superior construction and the finest features technology has to offer. U-Select-It has more than 78 years of experience in the vending machine industry, and we use that experience and expertise to provide vending operators with a competitive advantage as they begin their vending business.