Creating Customer Engagement Through Touch

Our Evoke Snack Series delivers an exceptional experience through its iCART touch screen interface. Featured on a large & durable 10”touchscreen glass, the iCart helps customers interact with Evoke in ways that traditional vending machines would never be able to.

With the iCART interface, we are able to provide a “real shopping experience” with iCART’s Shopping Cart Mode more fit for the modern technological world.

Have you ever gone to a vending machine and wished that instead of making another transaction to get a granola bar to go with your bag of pretzels, you were able to do it all at once? With our new shopping cart mode, you are able to purchase up to three items during one transaction.

Providing more user-friendly interface is crucial to increasing vending sales, and delivering great service to the customer. Having navigable sections through iCART’s “browse mode” allows the user to not feel overwhelmed by the many selections. It can be separated into product categories such as Chips or Candies.

Another benefit of the iCART touch screen interface is the nutritional information display of a product before purchase to inform the customer of the product’s nutritional information and expedite a customer’s decision.  Plus, the ability to display caloric data allows vending operators to comply with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Law.

Having a modern, functional vending machine means a more interactive transaction. Learn more about the Evoke Snack Series here!