Don’t Get Caught in the Rain

vending machines for saleWe always like talking about some of the weird vending machines for sale around the world. One vending machine that may sound slightly weird, is actually an ingenious idea. There is a vending machine that sells umbrellas and cameras outside of a hotel for tourists. I don’t care too much about the camera part, but I think selling umbrellas is a great idea. There should definitely be an umbrella vending machine manufacturer! Place them all over cities and towns for those of use who don’t always watch the weather report.

If you live in a big city, chances are you’ll find those guys on the street corners selling cheap umbrellas for $5 every time it rains. Although it’s tempting to pick one up during a downpour, the umbrellas break after one use. But if you place these vending machines around town with quality umbrellas, I know people will be inclined to buy one. We’ve all been caught in a torrential downpour at least once or twice in our lives. We rush out of the house forgetting our trusty umbrella behind. We somehow think a plastic bag or a newspaper will do us good, but we know those never work.

I’m totally willing to form some kind of group to get this idea off the ground so we can all stay dry!