Enhanced Visual Vending Machine Merchandising with the Alpine ST5000 Elevator

If you still think that vending machines are just for the occasional soft drink, or that they’re only designed to provide quick and easy access to a snack in between classes or shifts at work, think again. A large number of leading manufacturers have put the latest in technological advancements to hard work for the benefits of both businesses and consumers everywhere. Case in point: U-Select-It, the industry leading vending machine manufacturer that has been in operation since 1931, has elevated vending machine technology and merchandising to the next level with the release of their Alpine ST5000 Elevator system.

Alpine ST5000 USelectItThe Alpine ST5000 Elevator at a Glance

  • The Alpine ST5000 offers a capacity that is 25% larger than previous models.
  • The unique “first in, first out” system reduces the possibility of spoiled products by up to 50%.
  • An enhanced visual merchandising system not only puts your products on display in a much better way than before, but can also increase your general sales velocity.
  • The unit is energy efficient, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in operational costs alone with each passing year.

The Benefits of the Alpine ST5000

As its name suggests, the biggest benefit of the Alpine ST5000 is the proven elevator delivery system that will not only make it more efficient for your consumers, but for your business as well. The unit is also available in both single and variable temperature versions, allowing you to enjoy a customized solution designed to make it easier than ever to accomplish your specific goals.

Speaking of easy, the advanced styling and touch screen interface options both make controlling the unit as easy as possible from a consumer perspective. Never again will your customers have to worry about accidentally buying the wrong product or a machine that isn’t as responsive as it used to be with age. This feature is designed to increase the consumer’s ability to see a product before they buy it, taking the concept of “visual vending” to its logical climax. Your customers will never think about vending machines the same way again.

The Alpine ST5000 is also fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, guaranteeing that every customer will have the same easy and pleasurable experience regardless of who that customer happens to be. The Alpine ST5000 Elevator also comes with a full two year warranty.

These are just a few of the many reasons why the Alpine ST5000 is such an ideal solution for your business. Between the ways that it helps you accomplish your business goals and the ways that it creates a more pleasurable experience for customers, you’ll soon start to wonder how you were ever able to survive without it.