Give Customers a Boost with Coffee Beverages

Coffee wakes up and motivates up to 83 percent of U.S. consumers who thrive on the beverage, reports the National Coffee Association. It is an industry that makes $30 billion annually, and it is growing. The U.S. coffee market is the largest in the world, and consumption is regularly up by five percent each year. Smart vending machine owners take advantage of the demand and install drink vending machines in high-traffic, public access locations.

Black coffee remains a staple for many consumers, but gourmet flavors corner one-third of the coffee market. Consumers enjoy the luxury of a specialty coffee made from expensive beans, exotic flavors and sweet syrups.

From lattes and espresso to hot and iced black coffee, there’s no doubt that the beverage is an important money-maker for coffee shops. Vending machine owners can get in on the action too with drink and snack vending machines. Not only do these machines distribute the java that motivates and energizes consumers, but they also make financial sense for new and established vending machine owners. When looking for vending machines for sale that start, expand or update their inventory, coffee vending machines should top the list since they give consumers and profits a boost.