Healthy Vending Unit Teams Up with NY Film Academy

USelectItWhether you’re just joining us now or have been following our blogs for a while now, you already know that healthy vending is here to stay. More and more businesses and facilities are adopting snack vending machines that are friendly to customers’ calorie counts, and the movement is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Healthy vending units recently found a rather high-profile home, as SFGate reports that the New York Film Academy has recently teamed up with Fresh Healthy Vending. The academy will use Fresh Healthy Vending’s units at its facility, allowing all visitors and employees at the prestigious location to enjoy a new level of healthy snack options. The New York Film Academy is often a main venue for well-known public speakers and actors, so expect the healthy vending trend to get more exposure than ever once the new machines are installed.

Of course, you don’t have to be the New York Film Academy to provide fresh vending options to your client base. No matter where you operate, our esteemed snack vending machines will put a world of delicious and nutritious refreshments at your customers’ fingertips every day. Check out to learn more about our industry-leading vending machines for sale!