Helmet Vending Machines on the Way for Bikers

USelectitInnovative and unusual vending machines seem to be popping up every week, and a new vending product coming out of Boston can help enthusiastic bikers stay safer than ever. With Boston Bike Week underway, Boston.com unveiled a series of new helmet vending machines for riders who need safety on the go.

According to the article, the first batch of helmet vending machines will start to pop up in the city between June and July. The main interface of the machine looks quite similar to at ATM, while the helmet selection lies adjacent to the screen. In order to rent a helmet, all you need to do is swipe your vending machine and choose how many helmets you need. Helmets will be available for rent for the low price of $2 per helmet, and the creators hope that they can roll out up to 15 more machines as the end of summer draws near.

It’s always nice to hear about exciting steps forward in the world of vending, especially when vending machines are being used to promote the overall safety of bikers all over Boston. Of course, if you’re looking to provide quality refreshment to any of the bikers in your area, our vending machines for sale make a great complement!