Ideal Vending Machines for Kids

USelectitIt is no secret kids love vending machines. Whether they are at school, a local recreation center, or an arcade, few children can resist the alluring glow of a big metal machine that can grant them any sugary treat they choose. If you own any type of business where young ones are likely scurrying about, it is important to provide them the proper drink or snack vending machine.

The simplest solution for children would be a combination vending machine. Kids love chips, crackers, juices, and sodas, so why not store them all in one convenient machine? We offer the Alpine VT3000 model, which allows users to set different temperatures for the snack and drink portion of the machine. This ensures drinks stay icy cold and snacks stay fresh. There is also the larger VT5000 model for areas with a high volume of hungry children, such as an elementary school or amusement center.

Of course, kids can not function on caffeine and chips all day. Heavy-duty food vending machines such as the Alpine-5000 Elevator allow for the gentle dispensing of packaged food and larger drinks. This enables owners to stock their machines with sandwiches, salads, and nutritional juices, giving children a healthy alternative to sodas and greasy munchies.

Children everywhere will always use vending machines and it is important to provide them with the best ones. Thanks to the expansive selection of diverse drink and snack machines at USelectIt, you can ensure that your kids go from hungry to happy.