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Earth Day, The Importance & Role of Vending Machines

Introducing USI’s New Scan & Go Market


Section 179 for Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies – Reduce Your Tax Bill


EMV Compliance in Vending: Everything You Should Know

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Why Smart Lockers Will be the Future of Meal Order Pick-Up?


Vending machines accepting EBT cards are “The Future”


Why Meal Pick-Up Lockers are Trending in 2022 ?


Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

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The NAMA Show Preview – 2022 – U-Select-It


COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine

Protecting Your Vending Machine

U-Select-It Financing options

The 2021 Section 179 Tax Deduction

Deliver Meals to Your Locations with Delivery Lockers

A Worldwide Network of Distributors

Provide a Safer Experience with UVend Technology

COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine

Increased Payment Options for Your Customers


The Live Webinar You Won’t Want to Miss

What Are You Striving for in 2021?

The 2020 Section 179 Tax Deduction

Financing Offer

The Rebate You Can’t Afford to Miss

Coffee Trends You Can’t Ignore

Evoke Series: Evoke ST5/VT5

Celebrate Vending Year-Round

Evoke Series: Evoke ST3/VT3

Evoke Series: Evoke Elevator

2019 NAMA CTW Recap

Rate Match Financing


U-Select-It Introduces PUSH-IT, a New Tray Delivery System

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Your Automated Coffee Solution

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Meet Our Canadian Sales Manager at CAMA Expo 2019

Building an Agile Business Culture

The Pride of USI

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New Push-It Delivery System

2019 NAMA Show Recap

The NAMA Show Preview

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U-Select-It Launches Redesigned Website Part 1: ADA Compliance

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Discover the USI Difference

People Still Want Their Sweet Snacks

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Essence of Coffee

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U-Select-It Hosts Training Event for National Association of Blind Merchants

The Advantages of Vending Machines Over Micro Markets

Sneak peak of the NAMA Coffee, Tea, and Water Show 2018

Creating Customer Engagement Through Touch

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5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Vending Machine

The Evoke Snack 6

Come to the NAMA D.C Fly-In!

Highlights from the NAMA Show 2018!

Join Us at the NAMA OneShow 2018!

The Single-Serve Coffee Merchandiser by USelectIt

USelectIt is ADA Compliant

The Top 10 Features of the Evoke Snack 6

Yes, you CAN afford a high-quality vending machine! Learn how:

Conserve Energy with a Combo Vending Machine

10 Must-Have Snacks in Your Vending Machines

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NAMA’s 2017 Fly-In Gives Platform for Vending Industry Advocates

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4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Product Merchandising

Variety in Healthy Vending Machines

The Best Locations for Healthy Vending Machines

3 Tips for Success in the Vending Business

5 Must-Have Drinks in Your Vending Machine

Introducing: Evoke 5 Vending Machine

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What’s New in Vending for 2017?

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Vending Machine Trend: Healthy Offerings

Micro Markets–Micro Profits?

Vending Vernacular: Quick Guide

What Exactly Is a Micro Market?

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Finding The Most Profitable Locations For Vending Machines


The Benefits of Traditional Vending over Micro Markets

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Pepsi’s Food for Good Initiative – Pilot Vending Machine

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The NAMA Coffee, Tea, & Water Show

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The Next Generation of Snack Merchandisers

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How Much Caffeine Is In Coffee and Soda?


Vending Machines and Bitcoin: The Next Wave?


Update on GMO Labeling Reform


U-Select-It and NAMA Take the Hill

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Sustainability and Vending Machines

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The Evoke Series: Sales Power at Your Fingertips


Recap: NAMA OneShow 2016

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2016 Launch of New Product Guide

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U-Select-It to Unveil a New Vending Machine at the 2016 NAMA ONE SHOW

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New K-Top Coffee Pod Vending Machine Will Save You Money While Keeping People Happy

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Japan Gets Ready for 2020 Olympics by Creating Interactive Vending Machines for Tourists

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The Wittern Group Announces its Commitment to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

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Government and Technology Regulations Impact Vending Industry

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Vending Machine Dispenses Macbook Loaners to Students at London School of Economics

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U-Select-It to Exhibit at the Atlantic Coast Exposition (ACE) 2015

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Enhanced Visual Vending Machine Merchandising with the Alpine ST5000 Elevator

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Vending Machines that Replace Fast Food Workers

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How Vending Machines Are Bringing China and Japan Closer

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The Odd & Unique Vending Machines Around the Globe  

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Google Android Pay is Here… Have You Met ‘Greenlite’?

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University of Southern Indiana Scores Local College Victory for ‘Recyclemania”


T-Shirt ‘Vending Machine’ Reveals Shocking Truth About Cheap Clothing

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Japan’s Two-For-One Vending Machine

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Strategic Vending Around The World & Why They Work


U-Select-It Welcomes Alejandro Castillo

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U-Select-It Announces New Greenlite Option for Card and Mobile Payments Available on All USI Products

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Advanced Ergonomic Options | Making the Purchase Experience More Innovative and Convenient

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Chill, With Your Own Personal Cold Beverage Vending Machine

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Vending Machines Promote Recycling in China

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Vending Machines Provide Groceries For Vancouver Apartment Buildings

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Vending FDA Food Compliance Deadline December 31st | What You Need To know

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Need On-The-Go Electronics? There is a Vending Machine For That Too

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Global Snack Food Sales Hit $374 Billion Annually

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Take Your Vending to New Heights with the New Alpine 5000 Elevator

Combo Vending Machine Solutions for Operators Entering the Industry


Overseas Vending Machine Distributors

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The Perfect Summer Companion – Alpine Combi 3000

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Canadian Vending Industry is Projected to Grow


Healthy Vending – Practice What You Preach

Happy Independence Day from Uselectit

The Downside of Colorado’s Legalized Marijuana Vending


Ban on Cigarette Vending Machines?

Are e-Cigarette Vending Machines on the Rise?

Can People Be Shamed into Eating Healthy?

The Multivend Revolution

Is Marijuana the Future of Cigarette Vending?

Military Making Push for Healthy Vending Options

USelectIt 2014 Vending Machine Guide

2014 NAMA OneShow

New Standards on Snacks and Beverages Offered in Schools

Cold and Frozen Vending Machines

The Calorie Count Regulation Calculator

Is There a Future in eCigarette Vending?

The Convenience of Cigarette Vending

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New 2014 Vending Machines

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Upgrading in Vending

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USI Heads to the 2014 NAMA OneShow

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Vending Around the World

ADA and Vending Machines

Go Green with Vending from U-Select-It

The Benefits of Touch Screen Vending

Give Customers a Boost with Coffee Beverages

Vending Machines with Calorie Counts


Three Tips to Start Your Vending Business

Benefits of Healthy Products for Your Patrons

Changing Bottled Beverage Buying

Election Results Are In, Vending Machines Still Allow You to Select

Happy Halloween from USelectIt!


Alpine ST5000 Vending Machine


Coffee Consumption: On the Rise

Bigger, and Better, Snack Machines

Designer Handbags, In A Vending Machine?


Cupcake Withdrawal

Staying Hydrated to the Summit


Hot and Odd Vending Beverages


Impressive Vending Machines


Satellite Solutions

A Vending Solution for Every Break Room


Emergency Vending Machines

Capitalizing on Coffee Consumption


Fresh Take on Snack Vending Machines

Smart Snacks for Work

Refocusing Vending Choices Before the Start of School

Maximize Refreshment with Drink Vending Machines

Herr’s Showcases New Healthy Snack

Strong Snack Selections for Summer

Healthy Vending Unit Teams Up with NY Film Academy

Wake Up the Office with a Coffee Vending Machine

Helmet Vending Machines on the Way for Bikers

Vending Smart for Summer

USelectIt Makes the News from NAMA

Bringing in Big Business with Your Vending Machine

Wittern Group Makes Headlines

Vending Machine Blog Reveals Strange Obsession

“Mike & Ike” Snack is Back

“M&M’s” Getting Its Own Chocolate Bar

New Vending Machine Keeps Bar Patrons Fresh

Red Bull to Roll Out 3 New Flavors

NAMA Hosting Conference Call on School Vending

Fresh Food Sales Increasing at Convenience Stores

Pepsi Enjoys Positive Profits

Vending Machines and the Evolution of Coins

North Carolina Mom Brings Healthy Vending Options to Town

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Artistic Re-purposed Vending Machines

Vending Machines Replace Nursing Home Cafeteria

Laptops From a Vending Machine?

Soda Fountains: The Fathers of Vending

Chicago Vending Machines Receiving a Healthy Makeover

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Vending Machines for the Jet Set

About the Wittern Group

Momba Vending Machines are a College Student’s Dream

New Vending Industry Report Shows Growth

Pizza from a Vending Machine?

Take Your Vending Service to the Next Level with the Alpine ST5000

Great Service Long After You Buy Your Vending Machine

Ideal Vending Machines for Kids

Vending Machines for the Gym

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Vending with New Software

Coffee Shop Convenience in the Office


Keep Productivity Up with Vending Machines

Keep It Fresh

Drink Vending Machines and Recycling


Machines for Smaller Vending Needs


Lost Lunch? Visit the Vending Machine


USelectIt Is Eco-Friendly

Oral Hygiene and the Office Vending Machine

New Alpine Combi 3000: Good for Frozen Treats

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Combination Snack And Soda Vending Machines

A Vending Machine for Your Thoughts?

A Vending Machine During Heat Waves

A Look at the Alpine 5000

Changes to School Vending Machines Cause Cranberry Concern

Pizza from a Vending Machine?!

Offering a Variety in Vending Machines


Reliable Tech Support

Vending Machines For Sale, Your Ticket Out Of The 9 To 5


Keep Snack Vending Machines Clean

Soda Vending Machines Get Healthier?


Snack Vending Machines For Relief

Snack Vending Machines Keep You Going

Snack Vending Machine Food in Home Cooking

Saving Time and Money with Coffee Vending Machines

The Shoe Vending Machine Has Made Its Way to the U.S.

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Vending Machines For Medical Supplies

Vending Machine Snacks As Meal Replacement?

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Schools Keep Students Motivated With Vending Machines

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Vending Machines For Hospitals


Unusual Snack Vending Machines Around The World

How A Soda Vending Machine Effects Office Productivity


Snack Vending Machines and Childhood Memories?

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Amusing Snack and Beverage Vending Machines


Soda Machines Are the New Water Coolers

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Snack Vending Machines For Adults

Snack Vending Machines Anxiety


The Curative Effects of Snack Vending Machines

Touchscreen Face Recognition Snack Vending Machines Are the Future!

Vending Machines For Sale Add More Revenue

Reverse Vending Machines That Let You Recycle Light Bulbs

Snack Vending Machines That Let You Pay By Smartphone

Enjoy a Delicious . . . Banner Sign Vending Machine?

A Whiskey Vending Machine

Pecan Pies in Vending Machines

A Meat Vending Machine?!


Where Did The Soda Vending Machines Go?


The Youth Love Vending Machines


Wine Vending Machines Coming To An End In PA

Healthy Snack Vending Machines, A Hard Sell?

Your Office Needs Coffee Vending Machines!

Snack Vending Machine, Overnight Revenue

Snack Vending Machine For Your Bar

Vending Machines For Portion Control


The Healthy Snack Vending Machine

A Vending Machine Creates Office Harmony

Vending Machines for Sale Online

Snack Vending Machines Improve Office Morale

Soda Vending Machine, Cure All

Magic Arm, Magic Rip Off

Bagels In Snack Vending Machines

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Soda Vending Machines: The Coffee Maker’s Best Friend


Americana And Snack Vending Machines

Snack Vending Machines With Hot Pockets

Stephen King Was Wrong

Make Vending Machines More Like Automats

Book Vending Machines for Literary Geeks

High-Tech Snack Vending Machines

Don’t Get Caught in the Rain

Pepsi Vending Machines Let You Send Drinks to Friends

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Choices Galore at U-Select-It

Crazy Vending Machines for Sale in Japan

Mallomars Should Be in Snack Vending Machines

Who Wants Gum from a Snack Vending Machine?

Drink Vending Machines: the Can or the Bottle?

Ode to Cheez-Its: A Staple of Snack Vending Machines

Snack Vending Machines and the Dreaded Stuck Quarter

Snack Vending Machine Nostalgia

Coffee Machines Are The Best Drink Vending Machines

More Weird Vending Machines From Around The World

Weird Vending Machines From Around the World

Vending Machines Are a Godsend for College Students

Another Story About Healthy Options For Snack Vending Machines

Drink Vending Machines: The Wonder of a Younger Generation

A Vending Machine Nightmare: My Snack is Stuck

Ladies: Vending Machines For Your Feet

Early Vending Machines

Snack Vending Machines Miss Gator Gum

Soda Vending Machines Evil Inhabitant: Four Loko

The Many Cancelled Flavors of Mountain Dew

Life Lessons: Don’t Cheat the Vending Machines

The Conveniences of Vending Machines

Veggie Vending Machines

What’s In Your Vending Machine?

Vending Machines For Sale Of Wine Now Available In Pennsylvannia

New Vending Machines For Sale From U-Select-It

OK Soda Was Just…. OK

Lost Drink Vending Machine Items: Mello Yello

Soda Vending Machine: Soda History Trivia

Healthy Options in Snack Vending Machines

Snack Vending Machines and Ice Cream

Snack Vending Machines Make Room For Carrots

Drink Vending Machines Lost Items: Fruitopia

The Robotic Vending Machine

These Aren’t Your Average Snack Vending Machines…

Vending Machine Dreams

Health Changes in Vending Machines

Slake Your Thirst

Wine Vending Machines Hit Pennsylvania

Drink Vending Machines Lost Items: New Coke

Drink Vending Machines Lost Items: Surge

Top 4 Items for Drink Vending Machines

Vending Machines Are A Must For the Office

Soda Vending Machine Tips: Seize the Summer!

More Healthy Items for Snack Vending Machines

Vending Machines for Sale: Exploring Your Options

Water Drink Vending Machines

Shopping for a Vending Machine Manufacturer?


The Best Items for Office Snack Vending Machines


Coffee Vending Machines for Sale


Our Favorite Drink Vending Machines: The Summit 500

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Vending Machines for Sale Vend Anything, Anywhere!


What Are the Laws for Placing Snack Vending Machines?

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Finding The Best Vending Machine Manufacturer

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Lottery Vending Machines for Sale?


Hey Now Brown Cow – Check Out These Vending Machine Farmers!

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Healthy Snack Vending Machines!

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Kosher Vending Machines For Sale – Are You Meshuga?

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What are the Benefits of Snack Vending Machines in School?

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Some Of The Weirdest Ideas For Vending Machines For Sale!

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Snack vending machines and Drink vending machines and Food… Oh My!

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I Want To Buy A Vending Machine – What Options Are Available?


From Ancient Greece to Vending Machines For Sale Online!


Own Your Very Own Snack Vending Machine!


I Have A Snack Vending Machine – What Products Should I Sell?


How To Make Money With Snack Vending Machines


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