Introducing: Evoke 5 Vending Machine

U-Select-It has been an industry leader in developing new technologies and applications in the vending world for over 80 years. In that time, we’ve consistently sought out ways to improve the visibility, convenience, and profitability of our vending systems, leading us to our newest machine, the Evoke 5. There are four specific areas we set out to improve from previous iterations; we have been able to make multiple advances within each area to bring our vending machine distributors and their customers a modern buying experience.

  1. Accessibility. The Evoke 5 vending machine does more than simply accept input and dispense a product. We’ve incorporated improved ergonomics, to make the purchasing process more fluid and comfortable, while at the same time adjusting both the product delivery and coin return areas for ease of access. While the Evoke series has always been ADA compliant, we wanted to go above and beyond to ensure that all our customers can easily make purchases with the Evoke 5 machines.
  2. Technology. It is in this area that the entire industry has seen the most development in the past five years, and the Evoke 5 takes all that progress and streamlines benefits for customers. The iVend Guaranteed Delivery system makes certain that consumers receive their products. We’ve added an optional full-color touch screen interface, in addition to a shopping cart sales mode that allows buyers to select multiple products in one transaction, combined with payment system versatility. On the back end, for vending machine distributors, we have included an expandable control system and intuitive service mode as well as wifi, bluetooth, and cellular modem communication systems.
  3. Serviceability. The Evoke 5 is designed to be easy to service and maintain, with few overly complicated elements. With separate product and control system areas, as well as straightforward access for restocking, pricing, and maintenance, the entire front panel opens via a 90-degree lock with a four point latch system strong enough to deter criminal activity.
  4. Aesthetic Design. The final area we specifically wanted to improve with the Evoke 5 was the visual experience for customers. We intensified the potential for branding with an LED backlit logo panel option that can, in turn, be complemented with changeable user interface lighting access. The display window is now 15% larger, and we’ve included stylish leg covers.

There is no one advancement that stands out in the Evoke 5, as we made every effort to include multiple developments in each area our vending machine distributors and customers told us were vital to the buying and maintenance processes. The Evoke 5 vending machine is a capstone to years of vending technology development. Please visit our website today to learn more about the Evoke 5, or look for updates on our blog.