Introducing USI’s New Scan & Go Market

Introducing USI’s New Scan & Go Market

Shopping is an integral part of everyday life, but not all shopping experiences offer an ideal customer experience. Technology is changing how we shop, making the experience more empowering and satisfactory. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Scan & Go Market allows operators to explore new profit opportunities and offer customers a better shopping experience. 

Scan & Go Market-The Right Mix of Accessibility and Security 

Scan & Go Market is a self-service retail solution that provides the ideal balance of product security for operators and customer convenience. Scan & Go Market allows customers to simply scan their items’ barcodes, pay for them, and go. Controlled access with automatic locking provides the necessary security but allows customers to touch and feel the product before purchasing. Scan & Go Market will enable businesses and vendor operators to set up and run a successful self-service grab-and-go solution that delivers speed and efficiency. 


Boost Your Bottom Line 

With the Scan & Go Market, you can increase product sales by offering consumers a variety of in-demand, high-margin fresh foods, beverages, snacks, and pastries.  

With cutting-edge technology, Scan & Go Market’s innovative features and functionality combine to maximize your return on investment and grow your business in various locations. Scan & Go Market sends data through DEX, offering seamless integration into your existing VMS. Scan & Go Market can also increase operator profitability by giving discounts to customers who use cash and including sales tax on credit card purchases. 

Elevate Customer Experience

Scan & Go Market offers convenience and round-the-clock availability, elevating the on-site refreshment experience to a new level. This is convenient for customers and provides them with a fast and easy self-checkout. 

Benefits of Scan & Go MarketFor Consumers

  • Provides a convenient on-the-go self-serving shopping experience.
  • Reduces the waiting time in outlets, making it beneficial for those looking for speedy check-outs. 
  • It enhances the shopping experience as customers get a touch and feel of the product. 
  • Customers have a wide variety of fresh food, beverages, snacks, and pastries to choose from

Benefits of Scan & Go Market For Operators

  • Controlled access and automatic locking reduces the chances of theft.
  • There are no recurring subscription costs for Scan & Go Market. 
  • Increase profitability in various locations that aren’t large enough for an entire micro market. 
  • Enable sales tax on credit card purchases to increase profits. 
  • Fast, easy restocking to increase route driver productivity.
  • Increased capacity results in less trips to stock the machine.
  • Ability to offer a wider variety of larger, premium products that off higher profit margins.

Get USI’s Scan & Go Market Today

Scan & Go Market is available now.  To get Scan & Go Market, contact USI today!