Ladies: Vending Machines For Your Feet

We’ve talked on this blog about drink vending machines and snack vending machines. This week we’ll discuss machines that vend something of a completely different nature.

Currently in specific locations of England there are vending machines outside of nightclubs and bars that offer cheap, comfortable shoes for lady’s who have spent the entire night in uncomfortable heels. An official description:

“The After Party Shoes Vending Machine: This vending machine can be found in London located outside restaurants or clubs dispensing ballet flats for the ladies; a huge relief after a long night of partying.”

This seems like a brilliant idea, wouldn’t you agree ladies? We’ve all worn heels out that we’ve regretted ever putting near our feet just a few hours later. Who hasn’t kept a small pair of sandals or flats in their purse for just such a situation? Well now we can save the room in the purse by simply hitting a few buttons on a vending machine.

Assuming they’re not overly expensive, this blogger thinks the After Party Shoes will be a huge fit, and in no better way could they be put on sale than an always-available always-running vending machine located in the most convenient position possible; right at the nightclub!

A tremendously successful product, and one we can’t wait to make its debut in the United States.