Machines for Smaller Vending Needs

soda vending machineHere in the United States we love having infinite choices. We want to personally customize everything from our cars to the food we eat. We are told the customer is always right and we can have it “our way.” But there is such a thing as too many choices. Have you ever walked up to a snack vending machine full of endless rows of snacks and candy? Even the drink portion has too many options! It can be daunting, as well as very expensive to stock.

What if your business isn’t quite as large or your campus is rather small? At USelectIt we offer a diverse range of vending machines for sale. Not everything has to compete with the Alpine VT5000 –the ultimate vending solution for locations with an immense customer base. The Mercato 2000 offers just 12 snack selections. The Summit 300 provides only 6 beverages. Not only will customers feel a little more confident with their selection, owners will pay but a fraction of the cost for the machines. The upkeep and the energy costs will be significantly lower.

Do you feel your needs are somewhere in the middle? Those with Goldilocks syndrome can choose the Summit 500 or the Alpine Combi 3000. Whatever your vending needs, USelectIt has a solution.