Make Vending Machines More Like Automats

For a brief period of recent time New York housed an Automat. Sure the automat was a popular attraction in the earlier part of the last century. Folks would come from all over to get a quick meal from a tiny slot. It was novel and an easy way to maximize one’s time on their lunch break. No prep time, no horrendous lines for a cashier, no fuss. Just lunch delivered to you by a little window in an automated food paradise.

For a brief period though, New York had BAMN! It was a retro restaurant with the same Automat system that had long since been replaced by massive chain fast food establishments. It was like a walk in vending machine. Now however we are stuck with whatever our office’s snack vending machine has to offer if we’re looking for quick food on the go. It doesn’t have to be all bad. As of late many people are incorporating better lunch options in their vending machines. If you are looking for vending machines for sale for your company, why not get one with refrigeration that can house fresh sandwiches, fruit and more. It is the closest thing we have to those classic Automat days.