Military Making Push for Healthy Vending Options

Healthy Vending - Military Vending
(source: Vending Times)

The vending machine industry is constantly changing, adapting to changes in society in order to best meet the needs of today’s customer. One of the more recent changes affecting snack vending machines is a growing emphasis on healthier food options, leading every vending machine manufacturer to start looking for ways to present fresh produce and other healthy snack choices in the traditional vending setup.

This is clearly seen in a recent push for healthier vending options for the U.S. military. For the first time in over two decades, a push for healthier, more informed eating choices among today’s military has been made. The Defense Department hopes that better nutritional choices will help improve overall healthcare costs for its personnel, especially in regards to weight-related problems.

As part of this campaign, some of the U.S. military’s vending machines have received an overhaul. The newest vending machines have healthier options, including fresh fruits and vegetables and convenience snacks made with whole grains. They also have labeling and stickers that point customers to the choices that fit within the military’s fitness goals, labeled “Fit Pick” choices.

These newer machines with healthy choices now stand alongside traditional machines, giving members of the military grater choices. Operators can make the choice to invest in the healthier options or continue offering their traditional choices, depending on the response they get from the members of the community.

The military is not the only institution with this new focus on healthy vending options. That’s why the vending machines for sale from USelectIt use the latest technology to provide these healthier vending options and give operators the advantage over their competitors. The market is demanding healthy vending choices, and USelectIt lets you provide them.