More Weird Vending Machines From Around The World

If our last blog post didn’t do enough to satisfy your weirdness quotient, maybe this one will. There are even more weird vending machines that are found around the world, some useful and some that just make you scratch your head in confusion. And yes, these are real vending machines for sale.

The Umbrella and Camera Vending Machine – Pictured on this blog post, the umbrella and camera machine is actually pretty smart. It’s perfect for tourists who run into rainy weather without an umbrella or may have left a camera back in the hotel. You are covered either way when you need them last minute.

Gold Vending Machine – In Abu Dhabi (of course, where else?) you can actually get a one ounce bar of gold worth $1, 264. You think anyone ever tries to shake this machine for a freebie?

Live Insect Vending Machine – Found in the U.S., you can purchase live insects. Yes, you can see them moving around in their little packages. Think of it as the reptile’s version of a snack vending machine.

Live Bait Vending Machine – Located near your favorite fishing hole, you can buy live bait through a vending machine. I wonder how fresh they actually are? Still, seems pretty convenient when you’re already out at the docks.