Pizza from a Vending Machine?

USelectitEven with vending machines rapidly evolving, did you ever think you would buy a pizza pie from one? Soon you will be able to. After a successful debut in England, A1 Concepts is planning to bring their “Let’s Pizza” vending machine to the United States.

According to The Gothamist, the machine contains specially developed bags of flour and mineral water. When you place an order from the machine, it starts making the dough before shaping it and topping it with organic tomato sauce. Next, toppings are placed down and the pizza enters the oven. All in three minutes. The machines are headed to quick-fix locations such as airports, hotels, and colleges, where each 10-inch pizza will be sold for under $6. Even if the idea of a pizza vending machine sounds a little fishy to you, it is truly a testament to how far the industry has come throughout the years.

You probably will not find pizza vending machines for sale at USelectIt anytime soon. However, with new machines that sell sandwiches and salads with the same convenience as a snack vending machine, you can provide your customers with next-generation accessibility while staying financially practical. And who knows? Maybe that pizza is pretty good after all.