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Nutritional and Machine
Data Exchange Tool

Affords Operator Increased Flexibility

Operating System Requirements
Windows XP (SP3) or Newer
  • Off site/remote planogramming of products by selection including:
     -Product nutritional information
     -Product promotional & advertising
     -Remote pricing
  • Machine DEX information upload & download
    via USB memory stick to iCart touch screens
  • Mobile hand held or direct DEX uploads to compatible equipment

Screen Creation
& Editing Utility
  • Customize your own point of sale screens
  • Create nutritionally informative content images
  • Design engaging product promotion screens,
    cross selling graphics & more!

   For use in conjunction with inDEX Nutritional and Data Exchange Tool and iCart Touch Screen.

Innovative Technology for Combination Vending Machines

Even if you have already purchased one of our vending machines for sale , maintaining your vending product is a whole other experience. Typically, vending machine operators need to be at the site of their machine to gather and report data, but the inDEX software available at USelectIt makes the process more convenient than ever. This innovative program allows you to price and program the products in your machine no matter where you are, allowing you to conduct business even when you are miles away from your product. The world of snack vending machines has become more fast-paced than ever, and we proudly provide the tools you need to keep up.

Enhance Your Soda Vending Machines with iCart

Just as inDEX makes running a vending machine business more seamless than ever, our iCart software allows you to create a truly unforgettable experience for your customers. People love visuals, and iCart allows you to create completely custom point of sale screens. You can use this unique software to create attractive displays for your customer base while simultaneously providing them with crucial nutritional information. A good business can become a great one when there is complete transparency between seller and buyer, and iCart allows you to keep your clients informed on your products while making their vending experience more alluring than ever!

Drink and Snack Vending Machines for a Fast-Paced World

Even with advanced programs on the market such as inDEX and iCart, a great vending machine business cannot exist without a great machine to start with. Fortunately, our vending machines for sale span everything from drinks and coffee to snacks and full meals. Different establishments have different needs, and our product selection makes it easier than ever to find exactly what your clients crave on a daily basis. With reliable machines from some of the best vending machine manufacturers in the business, affordable financing options, and renowned customer care, USelectIt is your one-stop shop for all things vending machines!
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