Rate Match Financing

We have been financing vending equipment, accessories, and even vending routes since 1952. At U-Select-It, we recognize our success is dependent upon our customers’ success.  As such, we strive to help people thrive in the vending business. Sometimes the ability to finance your vending equipment, routes, or machine upgrades can make all the difference in your vending business. 

You will not find a better financing rate than what we can offer because we are now offering a Rate Match Financing Special. This offer is exactly like what it sounds. If you find a good rate from another finance department, we will match it!  For example…

8% APR – 48 months

Only $25 for every $1,000

$10,000 = $250/month



Almost everything we do at USI is to help our customers maximize their profitability. This Rate Match Financing Special can help you secure new equipment to boost your profitability as 2019 comes to a close and we reach 2020. Seriously, 2020 is basically here, unreal, right? 

Speaking of new equipment, are you in the market for a new snack machine?  USI’s Evoke Snack 6 is one of the most dynamic high capacity vending machines on the market today. The tall selections for premium products, as well as the optional 7th tray and touchscreen make the Evoke Snack 6 a must-have for high traffic areas.  

Our Rate Match Financing Special is not just for our brand new equipment. You can use our financing special to purchase vending accessories and routes too. Do you have any other vending related items in mind to purchase? We would love to chat with you about other purchases you can make with our financing special. Call us today 1-800-247-8709!