Refocusing Vending Choices Before the Start of School

USelectitSchool’s officially out for summer, which means you might see a decline in business for any snack vending machines you might have on campus. And while things might be slow right now, this is a perfect time to experiment and refocus your snack selection for the 2012-2013 school year. Here are some food trends for the coming year that might go a long way for your vending business.

Health-Friendly Snacking: This one’s a no-brainier, as healthy vending has become more and more important for all types of facilities. Whether your school has updated its food standards or you simply want to foster a healthier education environment.

New Treats: Who doesn’t love new snacks to try out? With fresh beverage and snack varieties constantly hitting the market, we suggest using the off-season to stock your machine with some exciting new products.

Vending Technology: If you’re upgrading your refreshment selection, why not considering upgrading your machine itself? From credit card readers to a new glass screen, fixing up your soda vending machine with some new technology will certainly attract tons of business once school starts back up.

These are just a few of the many possibilities when it comes to optimizing your vending unit for the coming school year. For more ideas, visit today and see how you can be doing better vending business than ever.