Scan & Go Market

A vending and micro market hybrid solution that elevates the profitability of operators by improving customer experience. Sell snacks, food and cold drinks from one compact machine. 

Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine

The Sani-Centre PPE Vending Machine offers safe and easy access to personal protection equipment (PPE), safety products, medical supplies, and disinfecting supplies. This machine accepts credit cards so customers do not have to worry about the transmission of germs with cash.

Evoke VT5

The Evoke VT5 vending machine is ideal for high-traffic locations, offering cold drinks and ambient snacks from one unit. This Energy Star rated machine facilitates the storage of products at a versatile variable temperature with ambient snacks on the top and cold drinks on the bottom. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke VT3

The Evoke VT3 is an Energy Star rated machine, built for a small footprint that has been equipped with the latest technology. This machine facilitates the storage of products at a variable temperature, with ambient snacks on the top and cold drinks on the bottom. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke ST5

The Evoke ST5 is built to vend refrigerated food, ambient snacks, and cold beverages with various package sizes and form factors for high-traffic locations. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke ST3

Do you need a refrigerated machine in a small footprint? The Evoke ST3 is an Energy Star rated machine built just for that. This vending machine can vend snacks, refrigerated food, and cold beverages with the freshness your customers want. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke Outdoor

The Evoke Outdoor offers high durability and advanced vending technology for outdoor use. This outdoor vending machine includes a weather and security package with rain guards, sealed sensitive areas, vandal-resistant panels, and an impact-resistant lexan window cover with a steel frame. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke Elevator

The Evoke Elevator merchandiser’s soft delivery is perfect for vending fragile items like sandwiches, salads, yogurt and glass bottles. This machine combines modern vending technology, improved merchandising and appealing design to dispense fresh food and drinks. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke Coffee

Evoke Coffee boasts a European design and advanced brewing and filtering system for precise ingredient control, guaranteeing a superior cup of coffee with every use.

Alpine Combi 3000

The Alpine Combi 3000 is a highly versatile machine, perfect for delivering frozen meals and desserts. It can also supply fresh refrigerated food as a multi-zone machine. The machine’s compact design makes it easy to move through most entryways and fit within a small footprint. “Combo” and “refrigerated”

Evoke 10

The Evoke Series 10 Selection Drink Vending Machine, capable of holding up to 500 cans or 240 bottles, is ideal for providing locations with a refreshing cold beverage.

Mercato 5000

The Mercato 5000 offers the largest product capacity among all the Mercato glass-front snack vending machines, making it ideal for high-volume locations.

Mercato 4000

A glass-front vending machine that offers high-capacity snack volume and is ideal for mid to high-traffic locations.

Mercato 3000

Offers a great balance of capacity, selection, and value. Ideal for operators looking for an optimal balance of capacity and selection in a small footprint.

Evoke Snack 6

Comes with a massive merchandising window and superior capacity. The Evoke Snack 6 features the powerful and operator-friendly Flex control board.

Evoke Snack 5

Offers sleek styling and mesmerizing merchandising, thanks to a full-view window with the brightest showcase LED lighting.