Snack Vending Machines Anxiety

snack vending machinesI went to the snack vending machines and was confronted with choice. Everywhere I go are choices. I can choose to tie my shoe now or later, tighter or looser, on these shoes or those shoes. Where I lived, what kind of car I drive, what clothes I wear, it all is so much to think about. It would be so much easier, if like Einstein, I simply ate the same thing every day, and like Dr. Dre, wore the same black t-shirt all the time. I’d be able to think about more important things than what I want from the snack vending machines!

So what did I do since I couldn’t decide what to buy? I just put in my money and chose what I originally wanted: the Sun Chips. I was choosing between them and the Snickers and the BabyRuth and the Lays Wavy. But I knew that with my money in the snack vending machine I was quickly running out of time. I had to choose. So I did.

It wound up being perfect — healthyish, filling and savory. I trusted myself and my self presented a result.

The only problem now comes in how to choose a soda from the soda vending machine.