Snack Vending Machines With Hot Pockets

Most offices have a microwave these days, so us trusted office cogs can fuel up with Lean Cuisine or some sort of high sodium just add water and nuke Pad Thai. It is a great service and would only be more convenient if our employers just brought these lunch options in for us. Hmmm… That’s not such a bad idea. Snack vending machines could easily be reappropriated into lunch vending machines. Meaning when you can’t take the time to walk down the block to the local Key Food to check out their frozen food section, you can just walk down the hall where there is a snack vending machine full of a wide variety of Hot Pockets for our consumption.

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t Hot Pockets gross? Or maybe, isn’t that children’s food? And yes you’re correct, we adults can’t shovel Hot Pockets in our mouths daily, but once or twice a week when salad has gotten tired and the local McDonald’s is just to much, that’s when Hot Pockets come in handy. I for one think Hot Pockets have gotten a bad rep, possibly due to the admittedly very funny comedy stylings of  Jim Gaffigan. Check out his routine below, it might sway you from the Pocket craving this blog has built in you.