Sustainability and Vending Machines

What do vending machines and sustainability have to do with each other? Well, they are more linked to one another than you may believe.

The four pillars of sustainability are:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Cultural/knowledge vitality
  • Social good/well-being
  • Economic health

Environmental responsibility

Some vending machines offer the ability to recycle your plastic, even going as far as accepting a recyclable item as a method of payment. In Japan, there are vending machines that run on solar power. There are current vending machines that allow the purchaser to donate clothes in exchange for vending goods.

Cultural/knowledge vitality

The role of a vending machine is to deliver things we need when we need them. This reaches far beyond simple food and drink. Goods dispensed through a vending machine are now ranging from computers to books, to medical supplies.

Social good/well-being

Vending machines can be used to generate social awareness. With the influx of bike sharing programs, a few vendors have gotten creative and installed helmet sharing vending machines next to the bike sharing stations. This allows for people who are temporarily renting the bike to stay safe and rent a helmet at the same time.

Economic health

Many vending machines, like our new Evoke series, now accept cashless payments. With a goal of helping vendor operators increase revenue, the Evoke series embraces emerging trends in payment systems by offering expanded capabilities for credit/debit and mobile payment platforms.



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