Increased Payment Options for Your Customers

Expanding the payment options on your vending machine allows you to expand your vending business. With a cashless solution, such as Greenlite, operators have the ability to manage all of their vending machines, no matter where they are located! What is Greenlite? Greenlite is a cashless solution that incorporates the

The Evoke Series: Sales Power at Your Fingertips

    At the 2016 NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) OneShow, U-Select-It debuted their newest and most technologically advanced vending product: The Evoke Series. Missed the show? No worries. We’re going to take you inside and explain exactly why the Evoke series is changing the game for every vending machine

2014 NAMA OneShow

USelectIt recently participated in the 2014 NAMA OneShow. The NAMA OneShow provided a venue where vendors, operators and suppliers in the vending and refreshment industries could come together and learn from one another. The show was a resounding success, with over 4,300 attendees and over 500 operator companies represented, as

Low Interest Financing Options for Up and Coming Vending Entrepeneurs

A vending machine can be a lucrative business opportunity that requires minimal work and brings in substantial profits. If you are thinking about starting a vending machine business, here are some financing options to consider. The Bank – Your bank can be a source of vending machine financing. A personal

New 2014 Vending Machines

From burrito vending in California to machines that dispense bike parts in New York City to healthy vending solutions at schools across the country, vending is blossoming this year, breaking out of its traditional role of snack and drink vending machines to explore new frontiers. Wide acceptance of custom machines

Vending Around the World

In America, the most commonly seen vending machines are either drink vending machines or snack vending machines. However, vending machines in various locations around the world feature items that go well beyond simple snack food and drinks. Read below for some the most interesting vending machines around the world: Breach machine, Normandy, France:

Go Green with Vending from U-Select-It

Having your own business is a wonderful feeling, and knowing that your business–and the people who stand behind it – are committed to a better environment can make you feel even better. Whether you have a single soda vending machine or a network of multi-product machines, you want to do

The Benefits of Touch Screen Vending

Everybody likes a solution that makes life just a little bit easier and more convenient–even when those solutions seem relatively small. Touchscreen snack vending machines aren’t just a smart technological upgrade–they also make vending more exciting and interesting for your customers. Touchscreen machines let you use custom graphics and ad

Give Customers a Boost with Coffee Beverages

Coffee wakes up and motivates up to 83 percent of U.S. consumers who thrive on the beverage, reports the National Coffee Association. It is an industry that makes $30 billion annually, and it is growing. The U.S. coffee market is the largest in the world, and consumption is regularly up

Three Tips to Start Your Vending Business

If you are interested in being your own boss, there’s nothing like starting your own vending business. You can set your own hours and let the machines take care of all the work of dispensing items and collecting payments from customers. UselectIt carries a wide range of vending machines to meet

Changing Bottled Beverage Buying

USelectit is all about delivering vending machines with superior quality and that incorporate the latest technology such as LED lighting, energy-efficient cooling systems, and large storage capacities to reduce energy usage. A group of students in Boston also see the benefits of creating vending machines that utilize energy-saving technology and

Election Results Are In, Vending Machines Still Allow You to Select

With the elections and voting in full swing yesterday across the country, there were a lot of choices being made. The candidates that garnered the most votes emerged victorious and the democratic process was put into some serious practice. At USelectIt, we can see the benefits of voting to find

Alpine ST5000 Vending Machine

Have you checked out our latest vending machines for sale? The Alpine ST5000 Elevator unit is a single-temperature vending machine that has the capacity of vending a variety of food, snack and drinks. A few of the great features include: Point of Sale: New Backlit point of sale window for

Coffee Consumption: On the Rise

Do you have the products your vending customers want? Looking for a new product to introduce at your locations? Coffee consumption in the US is a trend that is not going away any time soon, and it is steadily rising each year. Coffee vending machines for sale now are some

Staying Hydrated to the Summit

A good workout can often feel like climbing to the summit of a mountain. It is a lot of work and can be challenging, but it is rewarding afterwards. USelectIt has just the drink vending machine for gyms and workout facilities that want to keep their patrons hydrated and satisfied

Hot and Odd Vending Beverages

Fall is fast approaching and that means our food and drink cravings will start changing from cool iced teas and light, fresh dishes to hot chocolates, warm beverages and anything with “pumpkin spice” in its name. A new product from Coca-Cola is set to be released in Japan and to

Satellite Solutions

If you have perused around before, you will have noticed that we have a few machines that have similar names to our standard line of vending machines but include the word “Satellite.” While it would be a pretty impressive feat for our vending machines to orbit the Earth, this

Emergency Vending Machines

Japan is a country well-known for its obsession with vending machines, with vending machine manufacturers creating some of the most unique machines in the world. The country has them just about everywhere and while they are usually used for traditional vending purposes like selling food and beverages, a group in

Capitalizing on Coffee Consumption

Coffee is a mainstay of the American workforce and according to a study from the National Coffee Association, it will continue to be; at least for the next year. An interesting take-away from this study is the statistics on single-cup brewing for coffee. This is one of the largest growing

Refocusing Vending Choices Before the Start of School

School’s officially out for summer, which means you might see a decline in business for any snack vending machines you might have on campus. And while things might be slow right now, this is a perfect time to experiment and refocus your snack selection for the 2012-2013 school year. Here