Designer Handbags, In A Vending Machine?

To continue our theme from last week of interesting luxury vending machines, we moved on from specialty cupcakes to designer handbags. This dream vending machine was posted to the Instagram account of Interview magazine and is stocked full of handbags from top designers including Dior, Hermes and Alexander McQueen. When

Cupcake Withdrawal

Even though the vending machines for sale on our website can vend a huge variety of tasty snacks and beverages, USelectIt has not yet entered the cupcake vending machine game. Luckily for all of you cupcake enthusiasts out there, one of the world’s premier cupcake makers has! Sprinkles, the world’s

Hot and Odd Vending Beverages

Fall is fast approaching and that means our food and drink cravings will start changing from cool iced teas and light, fresh dishes to hot chocolates, warm beverages and anything with “pumpkin spice” in its name. A new product from Coca-Cola is set to be released in Japan and to

Vending Machines for the Jet Set

Have you ever been in a super big hurry, about to fly in your private jet to the tropical island that you own before monsoon season hits, and are jonesing for some caviar to take on the flight? Nope, we didn’t think so. But just in case, some Californian caviar