New Vending Machine Keeps Bar Patrons Fresh

When you hear the terms “vending machine” and “bar” mentioned in the same sentence, you likely imagine a slightly intoxicated patron fumbling wildly for change so that they can purchase the last bag of Munchos on the block. And while there is always a time and place for drink-fueled snacking,

NAMA Hosting Conference Call on School Vending

Healthy vending continues to be a major point of discussion in the industry, and NAMA is making sure that the entire vending machine business is aware of the changes they need to make. According to Vending MarketWatch, the association will hold a conference call among its members to discuss regulations

Pepsi Enjoys Positive Profits

PepsiCo is a worldwide name that certainly needs no introduction to the vending world. According to Vending Times, the drink and snack company made some major changes for 2012, and as a result enjoyed a 17% rise in profits for the final quarter of the year. PepsiCo’s strategy for 2012

Vending Machines and the Evolution of Coins

Reach into your pocket, and you will likely pull out a chunk of change consisting of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. You probably do not give these coins much thought, as they are the same classifications of currency you used since childhood. However, what if a brand new coin was

North Carolina Mom Brings Healthy Vending Options to Town

Even though areas all over the country are adopting legislation towards healthier vending options, a Charlotte, North Carolina mother decided to take a more direct approach to calorie-conscious snacking. According to DigTriad, Patti Moore began to grow concerned once she noticed that her daughter was developing a food allergy. After

Artistic Re-purposed Vending Machines

Some neat vending machine news appeared last week out of the annual CES conference in Las Vegas. Now, you may well ask, what does the CES – or consumer electronics showcase – and vending machines have in common? Meet the Art-o-Mat, a retrofitted cigarette vending machine (the kind that are now banned

Vending Machines Replace Nursing Home Cafeteria

Vending machines are becoming more efficient and accommodating by the minute, and a recent news article from Genesee County, New York reveals that they have the potential to replace human food service entirely. According to, the Genesee County Nursing Home will stop serving meals in its cafeteria in favor

Laptops From a Vending Machine?

Even in an age where everything from smoothies to books are being purchased in vending machines, it is still hard to imagine something as heavy-duty as a computer being dispensed from a vending product. However, even that technological barrier has been broken, as made evident by a recent Mashable article.

Chicago Vending Machines Receiving a Healthy Makeover

Snack and drink vending machines are a staple of all kinds of establishments throughout the world, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They are however, receiving a change for the better. According to a Chicago Tribune report, new vending machine regulations are leading to healthier vending choices becoming

About the Wittern Group

Whether you are a frequent USelectIt customer or just bought your first snack vending machine from us, you may have noticed that is part of a larger collective called The Wittern Group. What exactly is the Wittern Group, you ask? Let us take a step back in time, to

Momba Vending Machines are a College Student’s Dream

When you think about vending machines in colleges, you likely imagine a sleep-deprived business major sneaking into the hallways looking for snacks in the midst of an all-nighter. But what if college vending services could do more than satisfy late-night munchie cravings via a snack vending machine? That is what

New Vending Industry Report Shows Growth

A recent “State of the Industry Report” in Automatic Merchandiser magazine reveals that the vending machine industry is enjoying a prosperous period of growth. With new technologies such as cloud computing and target marketing being implemented into machines, vending services everywhere are seeing a bigger customer base than ever. “Technology

Pizza from a Vending Machine?

Even with vending machines rapidly evolving, did you ever think you would buy a pizza pie from one? Soon you will be able to. After a successful debut in England, A1 Concepts is planning to bring their “Let’s Pizza” vending machine to the United States. According to The Gothamist, the

Take Your Vending Service to the Next Level with the Alpine ST5000

If you take a simple look at the world around you, every piece of technology you own is quickly evolving. You might have the best smartphone on the block…until a new one hits shelves weeks later. And while vending machines seem like a consistent pillar of design when everything else

Great Service Long After You Buy Your Vending Machine

If you are a USelectIt customer or have browsed our expansive range of products before, you probably know by now you are guaranteed to find a top-quality vending machine to meet any kind of business needs. However, we care about way more than just providing you with the best machines.

Ideal Vending Machines for Kids

It is no secret kids love vending machines. Whether they are at school, a local recreation center, or an arcade, few children can resist the alluring glow of a big metal machine that can grant them any sugary treat they choose. If you own any type of business where young

Vending Machines for the Gym

The gym is the primary place for people to exercise, train, and socialize. It is also a place where people get really thirsty. Fortunately, here at USelectIt we have a great selection of drink vending machines to keep your fitness clients hydrated and happy. If you run a large facility and

Keep Productivity Up with Vending Machines

A hungry worker is an unpleasant worker. Without sufficient nourishment, an employee’s work ethic will begin to slack and concentration will go from TPS reports to stomach growls. We have all heard the expression that a car cannot run without gas. While it is certainly trite, there is a serious

Lost Lunch? Visit the Vending Machine

One can easily get lost in the tedious tasks of the office. More specifically, the nature of the work being done these days—on computers, in cubicles—means that you can lose track of time in a stream of ones and zeroes. As the clock ticks by without notice, your blood sugar

Oral Hygiene and the Office Vending Machine

The wonderful part about owning your own vending machine is that you have complete control over what you decide to stock it with. The best snack vending machines offer a diverse mixture of options. You will never be able to please everyone, but providing a range of products is sure