How Vending Machines Are Bringing China and Japan Closer

What is it that is bringing these two countries of China and Japan closer? Surprisingly vending machines. These unmanned machines are already a huge hit in Japan, and it looks as though China isn’t far behind in adding vending machines for just about anything you can think of. Discussions are

Chill, With Your Own Personal Cold Beverage Vending Machine

Vending machine manufacturers create a wide variety of machines that can suit the needs of almost any establishment. Such companies also have a line of personal vending machines, as well. The Hisense Chill Machine is a personal vending machine that hit big in Australia because of its 36-72 can and

Vending Machines Provide Groceries For Vancouver Apartment Buildings

An apartment building complex can cater to its tenants by incorporating vending machines into the lobbies. Vending machines can provide a wide variety of necessities for apartment dwellers who do not have time to visit the local grocery store. The time of plain vending machines that simply hold candy and

Global Snack Food Sales Hit $374 Billion Annually

Vending machine snacks continue to be popular across the globe. In fact, worldwide sales increased in 2013 by 2 percent, reaching $374 billion, according to a Nielsen report that polled 30,000 consumers in 60 countries. While the majority of sales are still composed of sweet confections and baked goods, the

Take Your Vending to New Heights with the New Alpine 5000 Elevator

When vending machine owners are seeking out the most productive ways to sell products to their customers, one unit that stands apart is the new Alpine 5000 Elevator. It has features not found in other merchandisers, like a new elevator that gently dispenses more types of beverages, fruits, dairy products,

Can People Be Shamed into Eating Healthy?

What does it take to get people to make healthy food choices? Hackers and programmers in the UK think they’ve found the answer with a customized vending machine. Participants in a closed social media account receive a tweet every time a group member purchases a snack or beverage from the modified

New Standards on Snacks and Beverages Offered in Schools

Along with Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary, First Lady Michelle Obama supports changes to school lunches and the items offered in snack vending machines. She’s always been an advocate for healthy nutrition and physical exercise, and new Smart Snacks in School standards fit perfectly with her stance

The Calorie Count Regulation Calculator

Under new USDA rules, only certain healthy foods are allowed to be sold in vending machines on public school properties. The rules go into effect July 1, 2014 to give vending machine owners time to make sure that all of their offerings are compliant.  Not sure whether the products in

Go Green with Vending from U-Select-It

Having your own business is a wonderful feeling, and knowing that your business–and the people who stand behind it – are committed to a better environment can make you feel even better. Whether you have a single soda vending machine or a network of multi-product machines, you want to do

Changing Bottled Beverage Buying

USelectit is all about delivering vending machines with superior quality and that incorporate the latest technology such as LED lighting, energy-efficient cooling systems, and large storage capacities to reduce energy usage. A group of students in Boston also see the benefits of creating vending machines that utilize energy-saving technology and

Election Results Are In, Vending Machines Still Allow You to Select

With the elections and voting in full swing yesterday across the country, there were a lot of choices being made. The candidates that garnered the most votes emerged victorious and the democratic process was put into some serious practice. At USelectIt, we can see the benefits of voting to find

Staying Hydrated to the Summit

A good workout can often feel like climbing to the summit of a mountain. It is a lot of work and can be challenging, but it is rewarding afterwards. USelectIt has just the drink vending machine for gyms and workout facilities that want to keep their patrons hydrated and satisfied

Hot and Odd Vending Beverages

Fall is fast approaching and that means our food and drink cravings will start changing from cool iced teas and light, fresh dishes to hot chocolates, warm beverages and anything with “pumpkin spice” in its name. A new product from Coca-Cola is set to be released in Japan and to

Maximize Refreshment with Drink Vending Machines

With summer having made its official start as of last weekend, people are after one thing more than ever: Refreshment! While there are a multitude of quality vending machines on the market, this is undoubtedly the season to own a drink vending machine. No matter what type of drink selection

USelectIt Makes the News from NAMA

It was an exciting week for the world of vending, but the NAMA OneShow has officially concluded. This Vegas vending convention celebrated the latest innovations in our beloved vending machine business, and news outlets all over have put in their 2 cents on the event. The folks here at USelectIt

Vending Machine Blog Reveals Strange Obsession

We can admit it–We’re a bit obsessed with vending machines here at the USelectIt blog. The vending world is our business, and we take great delight in showcasing everything from the industry’s latest machine innovations to any interesting legal news regarding snack vending machines. However, our dedication to automated dispensing

“Mike & Ike” Snack is Back

Some things are just meant to go together. Vanilla and chocolate, milk and cookies, and for anyone who has ever bought candy from a vending machine, Mike & Ike. These irresistible fruit-flavored snacks have been around for over 70 years and are synonymous with snacking for all types of customers. As part

Pepsi Enjoys Positive Profits

PepsiCo is a worldwide name that certainly needs no introduction to the vending world. According to Vending Times, the drink and snack company made some major changes for 2012, and as a result enjoyed a 17% rise in profits for the final quarter of the year. PepsiCo’s strategy for 2012

Artistic Re-purposed Vending Machines

Some neat vending machine news appeared last week out of the annual CES conference in Las Vegas. Now, you may well ask, what does the CES – or consumer electronics showcase – and vending machines have in common? Meet the Art-o-Mat, a retrofitted cigarette vending machine (the kind that are now banned