Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

uselectit.com - Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

Langley Wholesale Ltd., based in Langley, British Columbia, sells and leases new and used vending machines to fulfill all vending requirements. Furthermore, Langley’s vendor operator customers do not want their equipment to break down frequently, which results in missed sales opportunities and costly repairs. “Customer experience is all that matters,” McLaren says. “If they have a positive experience, they will return for more.”

The challenges: Quality is the essential factor for Nick McLaren, President of Langley Wholesale Ltd., when selecting vending equipment suppliers. As with any company owner, he didn’t want to spend more time dealing with poor customer service since he wanted to invest more excellent time dealing with repairs and less time hunting for new business.

Equipment that is inexpensive but of poor quality: Customers who receive low-quality equipment are less likely to return, and service calls take up time that you should spend on generating new business.

Low-cost equipment: Upfront Low-cost equipment almost always costs Langley Wholesale Ltd. and the consumer more money in the long run.

Aspects of Visibility: Since there is no visibility of the equipment, Langley Wholesale Ltd. has no way of knowing if a machine is operating at total capacity, resulting in few or no machine sales.

The Process of the Solution:

The assistance from the U-Select-It sales staff, which goes beyond the sale of the equipment, has helped businesses like Langley Wholesale Ltd. flourish. While McLaren wanted to provide an excellent experience for clients, he also wanted the same from U-Select-It.

“I experienced a difficulty with a machine,” McLaren revealed, “which occasionally happens with USI equipment.” “I contacted the factory and spoke with engineers immediately. Even though it was closing time on a Friday afternoon, a senior engineer walked me through the problem. I didn’t expect the parts to arrive until Monday, but he walked into the facility, got the part I needed, and delivered it to UPS on his way home. Monday morning, I had the part. Sales representatives will accompany me on sales calls and have assisted me with some of my larger customers. “McLaren says that he noted that getting to know the individual on the USI side is beneficial.”


McLaren offers some easy tips for those just getting started in the vending sector.

“I’d acquire new equipment as well as USI equipment.” At first, I spent a lot of time repairing old vending machines that weren’t operating perfectly. You won’t obtain the good accounts because no one wants to deal with 15-year-old equipment that regularly breaks down.”

McLaren claimed he considers many people at USI to be friends when questioned about his relationship with them. He can pick up the phone, drive to Des Moines, or attend shows to continue where he left off.

McLaren’s commercial objectives for the future are straightforward: sell more vending machines.

“We have well-functioning equipment and satisfied consumers who will return for more.”

We at USI help our clients to 

  1. Develop a reputation for offering dependable, high-quality vending machines.
  2. Provide clients with the same exceptional service as USI offers.
  3. Develop a solid bond with the U-Select-It team.

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