The Evoke Series: Sales Power at Your Fingertips






At the 2016 NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) OneShow, U-Select-It debuted their newest and most technologically advanced vending product: The Evoke Series. Missed the show? No worries. We’re going to take you inside and explain exactly why the Evoke series is changing the game for every vending machine distributor, and for every shopper.

  • Modern Interface: The Evoke series employs a friendly, easy-to-navigate touch screen. Beyond appealing to current users’ comfort with technology screens, the media driven interface offers greatly enhanced interactions, from nutritional information to promotions. Combined with the Greenlight remote pricing platform, operators will be able to manage both inventory and sales from anywhere, at any time.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Just as consumers are more familiar with screens than touchpads for purchases, so too are they looking for cash-free payment solutions. The Evoke series offers both credit/debit purchases and mobile payment platforms. Recent research by Knowledge Base has shown that cashless transactions result in 30% higher sales, which means more profitability for vendors.
  • Plug and Play Capability: The Evoke series was designed with the future in mind. Rather than being a dead end product with no scope for changes or growth, the Evoke series has built-in capacity for future applications and additions, making it a truly ‘next generation’ machine. Leaving the door open for successive development is a critical trait for emergent and improved technologies.
  • More Spacious, Modern Design: Sophisticated details and contemporary styling all blend to erase the tired old eye-sore vending machine stigma. The Evoke series has expansive interior product showcase space and an exterior that meshes well in any workplace.

It is clear that the Evoke series appeals to customers with its outward motif, engages them with interactive and on-the-fly updating ordering and navigation, expedites their transaction with cashless and credit/debit payment, and ultimately offers an entirely new vending experience.