The Live Webinar You Won’t Want to Miss

Trust us, you will not want to miss our upcoming webinar on February 18th.  During this live webinar, viewers will learn about the unique features and benefits of the Evoke Snack & Combo Vending Machines.  Keep reading for a sneak peak…

The Evoke Snack 5 and the Evoke Snack 6 provide the ultimate user experience for your customers. The Evoke Snack 5 features a 15% larger merchandising display than the Mercato 5000 and includes 100% brighter LED lighting. Both the Evoke Snack 5 and the Evoke Snack 6 machines have an ergonomic, functional and intuitive design that is tough to find anywhere else. The Evoke Snack 6 features 16% more viewing area when compared to the Evoke Snack 5 and has an optional 7th full-size tray.

We will also cover our Evoke Combo Vending Machines during this webinar. The Evoke Combo machines are health safety programmable by selection, range or row. Featuring a soft coat glass, these machines are some of the most energy-efficient machines on the market. Another combo machine is the Evoke Elevator. This vending machine features a soft elevator delivery system and first-in-first-out loading, which reduces spoilage by up to 30%. 

Finally, you will get an inside look at some of the best features and options available. The Evoke vending machines come with versatile payment options, including PayRange, a mobile payment app. The Evoke machines are also Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and come with adjustable trays. Most importantly, our vending machines feature iVend 10, guaranteeing your products will be delivered, or customers will receive their money back.

To register for this free, live webinar, click here. For additional questions regarding the webinar or any other questions, please call 1-800-247-8709.