The NAMA Show Preview

U-Select-It is excited to be a sponsor for the The NAMA Show 2019 April 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The National Automatic Merchandising Association was founded in 1936 and represents the $25 billion U.S. convenience services industry. The NAMA Show is annual gathering of vendors from around the world to see the best equipment on the market and experience new technology. The show is a terrific opportunity learn about new trends and products in the convenience industry and network with individuals from over 300 organizations.  The NAMA Show provides useful and practical education that can really help your vending business grow in 2019. As a long-time leader, U-Select-It is looking forward to putting its stamp on the convenience industry next month.

U-Select-It will be showing off a diverse selection of top of the line vending equipment at The NAMA Show in booth #403, including ambient snack, cold drink, frozen food, food and drink combo and coffee machines. USI’s feature machine is the Evoke Snack 6. The machine includes a valuable 7th tray and wider space between trays for larger product creating a greater profit potential for operators. The Evoke series was designed strategically to serve vending operators, to help them see even greater profits.  The Evoke Snack 6 includes an engaging 10.1” touch screen display perfect for advertising and showcasing product calorie information. USI’s iCart technology allows customers to browse products by category and add up to three items in their shopping cart to purchase. The Evoke Snack 6 has inDEX capabilities. inDEX, is a product planogramming and information management tool to help operators organize machine details. Operators can edit promotions, combo specials and product information remotely with inDex technology.

Joining NAMA and heading to The NAMA Show 2019 is a worthwhile investment in your vending business. A membership includes a subscription to InTouch Magazine with relatable stories and information pertinent to the convenience industry. NAMA also provides important research statistics and training to help operators make informed business decisions. The education and relationships available to NAMA members is great way to boost your vending business. Learn more about the opportunities NAMA provides and difference there are making for operators across the nation at Hope to see you in Las Vegas for The NAMA Show 2019!