The Odd & Unique Vending Machines Around the Globe  

There is no question that the old idea of a vending machine has changed quite a bit. Today, you can get the typical candy and chips, but vending machine are getting more and more complex to include such items as flip flops, fresh cupcakes, hot pizza and even hairy hermit crabs – depending on what country you’re in. A number of countries also have vending machines that allow you to rent bikes and even electric cars. It is suspected that this will become commonplace in the very near future all over the world.

f6ac4ded77f94b42979512e2916fbce6Now the question to consider is just how many weird, odd, and unique items can be purchased from vending machines around the world? Read on to learn about where to go to purchase things such as gold and caviar straight from a vending machine.

The Swap-O-Matic – New York

Forget online trade groups on Facebook or taking your unwanted items to the local thrift store. Now, you can take your unwanted items to a vending machine and receive “points” which can then be redeemed for other items that have been put into the machine. That sounds like so much fun.

Sub Marine Catcher – Japan

This machine offers a “tale of two claws.” Taking the classic claw game where you pick up stuffed animals or other prizes, this vending machine lets you take your chances are catching your very own live lobster. What you do with it once you get it from the machine is your business.

Havaianas – Sydney

Did you break your flip-flop? Forget to pack them? If you are in Sydney, have no worries, since a flip flop vending machine is just around the corner. Also, Havaianas made a pretty smart move by placing their vending machine right on the beach.

Closed – Florence

When it comes to shopping for jeans, most people travel to a department store. However, if you’re in Florence, you can visit the Closed Jeans vending machine that dispenses all sizes and several different styles of jeans.

Tie Vending Machine – Japan

Forget your tie for an important business meeting? Spill coffee on it during the morning commute? No worries if you’re in Japan. The necktie vending machine will help you get that smart, sharp look you want on your way to work.

The Kandi Machine – China

When you think of vending machines, purchasing small, handheld items likely comes to mind. After all, this is what has been available from these convenience machines for the past few decades. However, The Kandi Machine has completely broken the mold. It actually allows the Chinese to rent an electric car. For just about $3 per hour, you can have your own set of wheels – straight from a vending machine.

As you can see, vending machines have come quite a way since the typical candy and drink dispensers in offices and waiting areas. Now the convenience of these machines is expanding even further, leading to a new era where getting what you need and want is easier than ever before.