The Rebate You Can’t Afford to Miss

Your customers crave light and delicious afternoon snacks in order to get them through the workday. U-Select-It has partnered with EverBar dark chocolate wafer bars to give your customers the snacks they crave. For a limited time, receive 144 EverBars (with a $215 vending value) FREE when you purchase an Evoke Snack or Combo machine. 

EverBar dark chocolate wafer bars have fewer calories, less sugar and non-gmo ingredients, allowing customers to satisfy their chocolate cravings without consuming a large number of calories. This light and crispy treat will keep your customers satisfied and full to help them get through the rest of the day.

This product rebate is available to customers in the United States who have purchased Evoke Snack and Elevator Vending Machines on or after October 5, 2020. Customers have the ability to receive this product for up to five (5) qualifying vending machines. Give your customers everything they crave with a delicious chocolate wafer bar.

Evoke Snack and Combo machines from U-Select-It are state-of-the-art vending machines. They feature a large merchandising window and LED lighting for optimum product display. With flex trays and a shopping cart option, you ensure that your customers are getting the products they truly crave. Finally, limit direct contact on your machine through PayRange or a card reader, such as Greenlite.

Take advantage of the EverBar dark chocolate bar rebate today before it is too late! To find out more information on how you can receive 144 FREE EverBar dark chocolate wafer bars call 1-800-247-8709.