The Shoe Vending Machine Has Made Its Way to the U.S.

Some time ago, we talked about UK vending machines that weren’t your typical drink vending machines.  Instead, they had flat ballet shoes and were planted in clubs so that women could keep on dancing the night away, even when their heels gave out or they just couldn’t hold themselves up in them anymore. It’s also great when they are ready to head home and need to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Well, the first shoe vending machine has popped up in Los Angeles, a city known for its nightlife.  Called Rollasoles, they are $20 and they are dispensed rolled up in a little can. They are squishy and easily rolled up again and again to put away into small evening bags. The two girls who have gone into the business know the  night scene well and what it’s like to want to prance around in stilettos  and not ruin the look of the outfit, but sometimes you just have to give in to the aches of your feet.

Shoe vending machines will likely pop up in a lot of big cities and their nightclubs. But as far as vending machines go, drink and snack vending machines will always be king.