The Top 10 Features of the Evoke Snack 6

Our all-new, Evoke Snack 6 snack and food vending machine is already making waves in the vending machine industry. We’re proud to reveal the full scope of it’s innovative features with YOU, our dedicated customers and readers. Here are our Top Ten Features of the Evoke Snack 6 vending machine.

  1. More total product capacity: that means more products to sell and more profits!
  2. Larger product display window: catch more eyes and make more sales.
  3. Bigger user interface touch screen: submitting your choice of snack has never been easier or more pleasant.
  4. Ergonomic 10° recessed user interface: just another way to make customers’ lives easier and happier.
  5. PayRange capacity: this feature allows customers to pay with their phones, a must in our mobile-first society
  6. Fewer operator visits: the machine requires less maintenance and boasts an intuitive operating system, so you incur fewer operational bills.
  7. Optimal for high-traffic locations: the combination of an easy interface, great product selection, and large, attractive display makes this machine ideal for busy spaces
  8. 100% brighter LED lighting: this machine is a true stand-out, day or night!
  9. Payment system versatility: treat your customers royally by allowing several payment options. No need to fish around in your pockets for change!
  10. iVend Guaranteed delivery system: end the unnecessary headaches and potential dangers of tipped vending machines by ensuring that all products are successfully vended, discouraging customer meddling.

Want to learn about additional features of the incredible Evoke Snack 6 vending machine? Yes, there’s MORE! Visit our site to discover the full power of the machine, then feel free to get in touch with our team for questions and quote inquiries.