The Youth Love Vending Machines

A recent study conducted by the National Automatic Merchandising Association, a trade group dedicated to vending machine manufacturers and proprietors, has some great news about enthusiasm over vending machines. It turns out 85% of people ages 18 through 29 years old would actually prefer a vending machine to other retail options. It is easy to see why. The instant gratification of a vending machine beats the internet for shopping any day. There is just something about paying for and receiving what you want right away. What’s more the anonymity of using  a vending machine for purchases offers an ease and efficiency that the regular retail experience simply can not compete with.

Generation Y it turns out has very little interest in the pitches and assistance of sales people and customer service representatives. With smart-phones in hand any research required about a product’s qualities can be done in the moment, making the process as stream lined as can be.

Efficiency and convenience have long been desired in retail but this new generation seems to demand it more than any other. For them a vending machine is the ideal retail experience. You have cut out any and all middle men. As a sassy young person might say, “Duh.”